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[作文分享] 初二英语作文:乒乓球(一)季度范文精选


写好英语作文是初高中学生都应该掌握的技能。我们在写英语作文的时候可以学习一些优质英语作文的写作手法,作文可以通过文字,让我们感性思维更细腻。一篇好作文是很会拉近作者和读者的距离,我们可以参考哪些比较优秀的英语作文呢?一起来看看小编为大家整理的“[作文分享] 初二英语作文:乒乓球(一)季度范文精选”,供您阅读,希望对您有所帮助。

Whats your hobby?Do you know my hobby?Well,let me tell you.My hobby is playing ping-pong.I think that is very interesting.I play it every day.In our school,after class and after school.I stayed at school to play ping-pong.My teacher and my parents always ask me not to play it,try to study hard.But I really love it.


月度作文精选 初二英语文章精选

写英语作文是初高中学生必备的一项基础能力。一些优质的英语作文书可以为我们写作时提供很多的素材和灵感,作文,通常考察学生们的日常事物和文学的积累程度。一篇优秀的作文,背后肯定会反复推敲和修改。你知道写好一篇英语作文的关键是什么吗?知您所想,以下是小编整理的“月度作文精选 初二英语文章精选”,希望能够帮助到大家。

Time flies when we are having fun is an old expression. We know, as we reminisce of our past, time flies regardless.

As we grow beyond our teenage. We remember the times of fun we had when we were young, when we were in primary school. We had little concern, little responsibilities. We all remember chasing our friends in catch, sneaking around in hide-and-seek and the fun in the playground.

As we grow with time, our lives become filled with stress and worries. It is in these times we remember what we had, what we took for granted. As we do so, we look forward to what we can achieve and what we will see of ourselves years down the tracks.




[写作分享] 初二英语文章篇一

在学习时我们时常被要求写英语作文,网上其实有很多可以借鉴和学习的优质英语作文,写作文可以把自己的思想和想说的话用文字表达出来。想要写好作文,自己需要多看、多学、多写。那么有哪些优秀的英语作文是能给我们参考的呢?为此,小编为您精选的“[写作分享] 初二英语文章篇一”,希望大家喜欢,你的支持是我们的动力!

初中英语作文:初二英语作文 My Illusions

When I was just a little girl, my relatives all said to me,"You are not a beautiful girl. If you want to be paid attention to, you must work harder than others."These words hurt me. So I wanted to be a beautiful girl, just like the Snow White. That was my illusion when I was five years old.

I grew up. When I was ten years old, I wanted to be a scientist. I believed that if I was a world-famous scientist, I would be noticed by people all over the world. I could do many good things for them.

Now I'm fifteen, I have my third illusion: I want to be a singer. Because I love singing. I love music. I even want to produce music myself. I also want to let the entire world hear my voice and my songs, though I'm not the best singer.

I know all these are just my illusions. Maybe they will never come true. But I'm still very happy because of my illusions.

作文阅读: 初二英语作文范本

写英语作文这种经历大家都经历过吧,我们有时候在写英语作文需要借鉴到优秀英语作文范文,写作文能使我们的英语水平快速提高,想要把作文写好,是需要花费一些心思和时间的。哪些优秀英语作文可以作为写作的参考呢?为此,编辑为您收集整理的《作文阅读: 初二英语作文范本》,仅供大家参考,如果喜欢可以收藏!

Since I go to middle school, I stay away from home and live in school from Monday to Friday. The first time for me to leave home made me felt so lonely. I did not have friends here and no one to count on. But I told myself that I needed to try to be independent. So I solved all the problems by myself, I washed my own clothes and cleaned the bed, which were done by my mother before. I found that I could take care of myself without my parents’ help. What’s more, I made good friends here, we had the same interest and we helped each other in study. A year passed, I learned a lot and became independent.


[作文借鉴] 初二英语作文其二

作为一名学生,我们不光要学习英语,还要能写出好的英语作文,因为信息的快速发展其实我们可以看到更多的优质英语作文,作文可以通过文字,让我们感性思维更细腻。所以说,写作文是需要一朝一夕慢慢累积的。你知道写好一篇英语作文有哪些方法吗?因此,小编整理了“[作文借鉴] 初二英语作文其二”,仅供您在工作和学习中参考。

As we knowgood health is more important than wealth.Food gives us energyso we must have enough food to keep healthy.

we should eat more fruit and vegetables and less meatand we also must have right kinds of food.

A cup of milk a day can help make us healthy as well.

Different foods help us in different waysif we eat too little or too muchor if we choose the wrong foodwe may become sickso we must have meals three times every day on timetoo.

It’s necessary for us to have healthy eating habits.






热门作文: 初二英语作文(篇二)

写好英语作文是每个高年级学生都必备的技能。有时候,一些好的英语作文可以给我们写英语作文时很多有用的灵感,作文,可以表达自己内心看待某事物的想法和感情。想要写好作文,自己需要多看、多学、多写。我们可以学习哪些优质英语作文呢?懂您所需,小编特意准备了“热门作文: 初二英语作文(篇二)”,但愿能对您有所帮助。

The sharp sunlight split the chaotic earth, bright and beautiful some luxurious, luxurious melted the forgotten ice and snow.

Through a thin orange haze, into my white, wet feathers.

This is my everyday, when I was confused when I was chicken or the bird.

I opened my sleepy eyes and watched the endless mountains. The mountain's generosity and benevolence, gave birth to countless creatures of the rest, gave birth to the flowers and insects sing. Over the mountains, a few Eagles circled, showing the natural curve.

I know the end of every eagle is a vast expanse of sky.

Orange sky calls me to fly.

My mother is a white eagle, like a white cloud, hovering forever. Across from the water, some glittering beads with wings, mouth a fish alive and kicking; circling in the sky, the wind wings up on vigorous patches, claws grabbing flying birds.

Every morning, I watch the mountain cliffs of clouds, day in the evening, I watched in the afterglow of the white shadow Qiao returned from the end.

Eyes full of tenderness and encourage the eye in the sun shine.

I grew up in the beginning of the shuttle, feather Feng, powerful wings, but I looked at the abyss, or think back and forth without end.

Finally, one day, I stood on the cliff, watching the eagle flying far away, but did not find the familiar shadow.

Suddenly, behind the hit a huge strength, I lost focus, once falling into the deep abyss, I was called back, was her mother's eyes.

I don't know why my mother was so cruel hearted!

My feathers are set up, in the condition of the moment, I am a flying wings, I could fly in the sky! Short fear made me more determined, with a thick layer of fear I caught a glimpse of the bottom of the mountain, and then my feathers with some water, I did not expect a strong eagle to tears.

Clear sunlight on transparent fog, rendering light yellow, and I saw a pair of eyes, the moment is full of trust and care.

So the vast clouds in the sky and a holy cloud, and across the vast mountains, and across the clear brook. The valley sometimes came a rattle, encounter mountain tough, never cease ringing......