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Some people feel like they are always busy doing something all day long, but they still have a lot of things to do. It seems that the time is never enough. How can we spend our time effectively? Well, in my humble opinion, there are several tips that we can use.


First of all, we should make a list about the things we need to do today. The chef thing to remember is to do the things which are extremely critical first. Second, be concentrated. For the people, they may lack of self-control, they are easily got distracted by other things, thus its important for them to do the things according to the list. Dont do other things unless you have finish your job. Last but not least, wake up earlier in the morning. Youll find you have more time to do the things you want.


In a word, we should have a plan about the things we are going to do. Only in this way we can use time effectively.



【作文参考】 高中英语作文

学习过程中写英语作文是很平常的,我们经常在各大信息渠道都能看好优秀的英语作文,作文,可以表达自己内心看待某事物的想法和感情。一篇好作文起码要做好和读者共情,有没有哪些优秀英语作文可以拿来作参考?应您所求,以下是小编整理的“【作文参考】 高中英语作文”,大家一起来看看吧。

I haven’t write diaries for a period of time. I am now writing this just want to remember one thing. My study has fallen behind a lot this term. I can keep my score in the top ten in the whole school ranking before. But this term I fall behind. I nearly draw back to fifty. I know the reason is because I am too arrogant. I think I can be the best without studying hard. So I usually not pay too much attention on my study. When I find myself lag behind, I comfort myself it is accident. I have learnt a serious lesson this time. So, I want to write it down to warn myself.


[推荐作文] 关于保护环境的高中英语作文带翻译1160字

写好英语作文是每个高年级学生都必备的技能。一些优质的英语作文书可以为我们写作时提供很多的素材和灵感,写作文能使我们的英语水平快速提高,想要提高语文分数,作文首先就要把握好。优秀的英语作文应该如何书写呢?下面是小编精心整理的“[推荐作文] 关于保护环境的高中英语作文带翻译1160字”,欢迎您阅读和收藏,并分享给身边的朋友!

In recent days, the spring flowers blossomed, and my mother and I often went out to play. In the park, looking at the beauty, the in the mind very happy, but to look on the ground, the ground rubbish piece, can see people eat food bag under the tree, milk boxes, bottles... In the bin bags, milk box outside a lot of dirty things, from time to time step on the road to not drink milk, sometimes stepped on eat bubble gum... There is a lot of leftover trash in the street where you sell snacks, disposable plastic bags, disposable chopsticks, soup, etc. The air could smell a lot of foul odour, and the environment was miasma.

Rubbish is not only dirty, but also harmful to the human body. It is home to flies, mice and harmful bacteria. Garbage can be a hassle, and if its buried in the soil for hundreds of years, it cant be broken down, it stinks, and it pollutes the air.

I suggest you do the following: 1. Dont spit everywhere. Go out for dinner and bring your own chopsticks. Because disposable chopsticks are made from wood. Buy vegetables in your own bag.

Lets protect our mother earth!





【热门写作】 高中英语文章及翻译如何写

相信无论是学习还是工作中,我们都接触过英语作文,我们经常在各大信息渠道都能看好优秀的英语作文,写作文就是需要真情实感的表达内心的想法。其实,作文让人读起来有一种很舒服的感觉就行了。那么英语作文应该如何书写你知道吗?急您所急,为此小编特意整理了“【热门写作】 高中英语文章及翻译如何写”,欢迎阅读,希望能给大家提供一些思路!

In our parents generation, there are less people have the eyesight problem, because the digital products were not so developed at that time, but nowadays, with the development of these products, more and more people have the problem of short eyesight. When I look around my classmates, I find only have few student dont wear glass. Peoples bad reading behavior makes their eyesight weaker, they can do the right things to correct it. First, we should not read in the dark situation. Many students like to read in the dark before they go to bed, it hurts the eye so much. Second, we should not stare at the book or the TV and computer in a long time, we need to take a rest every 40minutes, looking at the distance or the green color will ease our eyes. Eyes are window of our soul, we need to protect them.


【写作收藏】 高中英语作文作文范文范文

学生时代的我们经常会写英语作文,我们经常会在一些英语作文书中阅读到优秀的英语作文,作文,可以表达自己内心看待某事物的想法和感情。写好作文的前提就是要多观察、多动手写。值得一品再品的优秀英语作文有哪些呢?下面是由小编为大家整理的“【写作收藏】 高中英语作文作文范文范文”,希望对您有所帮助,欢迎转发阅读。

It has been long recognized that the population between men and women lost balance, especially in the future, this problem will be more obvious. The result is that more men are thought to be the leftover men, which means being the bachelors. The root of this problem traces back from the traditional culture.


In the old days, men were meant to everything, they were the most important person in the family. They raised the family, whats more, it was believed that only men had the right to make a deal. So women were in the very low status, they did not make a big difference in the society. Every family at that time only wanted to have boys, so some babies girls were even killed when they gave birth, how cruel it was.


As the traditional idea have been implanted in peoples mind deeply, so even the government tried hard to advocate the equality between men and women, still some families only want to have boys. Education plays the very important role in improving the young generations mind. The gender imbalance can be reduced by educating the next generation.


[写作借鉴] 高中英语作文范本

说到英语作文,相信大家都不陌生吧,一些优质的英语作文书可以为我们写作时提供很多的素材和灵感,坚持写作文可以培养我们的字和内心情感,想要把作文写好,是需要花费一些心思和时间的。那么在英语作文的写作中应该注意哪些问题呢?下面是小编辑为大家整理的“[写作借鉴] 高中英语作文范本”,欢迎您阅读和收藏,并分享给有需要的朋友!

Today, I was so excited because I finally became a high school student, which meant my life came to a new chapter. On the first day, my parents went with me to school. They brought my luggage and helped me to finish the registration. I was so impressed by the slogan that was tagged on the main gate, which was Help Your Parents Carry Luggage. When I saw those words, I realized most of us carried nothing at hand, but our parents did the job. We are almost 16 and not a little kid anymore, so it is natural for us to learn grow up and become independent. Taking luggage is just a small symbol for us to be independent. We need to complete all the things by ourselves in the following three years. When we can handle our stuff by ourselves, we are mature.


实用作文: My hobby高中英语文章翻译范本

写好英语作文是每个高年级学生都必备的一种基本能力。我们经常在各大信息渠道都能看好优秀的英语作文,我们在写作文时,可以静下来认真思考事物。如果想把作文写好,自己肯定是要下功夫的。你知道写好一篇英语作文有一些什么技巧吗?下面是小编为大家精心推荐的“实用作文: My hobby高中英语文章翻译范本”,欢迎您阅读和收藏,并分享给有需要的朋友!

I enjoy singing very much. While singing, my heart as well as my body is joyful. When Im happy, I often sing out to share my happiness with others. I also sing out to pour out my bad feelings when Im upset.


I like pop music most, because I want to follow the trend. I prefer soft music to rock music. Since we may be very tired after a long days work, we need a rest very much. Perhaps soft music is the best recreation for us. My favorite pop stars are JJ and Jay Chou. They always make a wonderful performance on the stage. Their songs are so charming. I admire them very much.


In my spare time, I often sing a song to others. Everyone is so happy to be my listener, because Im very brave and confident. Even though I couldnt be a professional singer, I can still get a lot of good fun from singing. Because of singing, my life becomes more colorful.