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教你写作文: 初一的英语文章(篇二)


相信无论是学习还是工作中,我们都接触过英语作文,我们在学习写作的时候离不开优秀英语作文的引导,在写作文时,要体现和表达自己的想法。一篇好作文是很会拉近作者和读者的距离,有没有哪些优秀英语作文可以拿来作参考?考虑到您的需要,小编特地编辑了“教你写作文: 初一的英语文章(篇二)”,希望对您有所助益!

it is the thirteenth international blind’s day on october 15th. it’s my neighbor uncle wang’s birthday, too. he is a blind man. on the day, cctv gives him a warm

welcome. they have a party for him and give him five “fu wa” as his birthday present. after a big dinner, they go to the olympic village. he has a happy day!


教你写作文: 高中英语文章篇二

写好英语作文对于学生来说是非常重要技能。我们会在许多作文书上看到各种各样的优秀英语作文,作文,可以表达自己内心看待某事物的想法和感情。如果想把作文写好,自己肯定是要下功夫的。优秀的英语作文是什么样子的呢?想您所想,为此小编整理了“教你写作文: 高中英语文章篇二”,供大家借鉴和使用,希望大家分享!

Every Chinese knows the importance of the college entrance examination, so the high school students always can feel the stress from that exam, especially when that day is nearby. Some students will not do as well as usual because of heavy stress. It is necessary to adjust their mood well before the exam.

They should not give too much pressure to themselves, instead of having usual heart. Then they can do in working order. To reach this goal, they can spare time to do some sports or just go running and keep telling themselves that the exam can’t decide their future, so they try their best would be OK and no one will blame them. The purpose is make them feel relax, as the status of relax is the best state for achieving good marks in the exam. It is helpful.

教你写作文: 小升初英语文章写作范例

说到英语作文,相信大家都不陌生吧,我们有时候在写英语作文需要借鉴到优秀英语作文范文,我们在写作文时,可以静下来认真思考事物。如果想把作文写好,自己肯定是要下功夫的。你知道写好一篇英语作文需要从哪些方面入手吗?应您所求,为此小编精心整理了“教你写作文: 小升初英语文章写作范例”,欢迎阅读,希望能为大家提供一些参考!

She has long,straight,black hair,big,black eyes and a small nose.She is very thin and kind,she is cute,too. Her English and Chinese is very good.She is hard-working.

She favorite season is summer,because it's hot ,she can eat ice- cream.She like playing the piano ,reading books and singing songs.

Who's she? She is my best friend ---Sun Mengqi.She has a very good English name,too---Angle.

教你写作文: 高中英语文章精选一篇

相信英语作文大家都不陌生吧,随着网络的发达,优秀英语作文随处可见,写作文就是需要真情实感的表达内心的想法。想要提高语文分数,作文首先就要把握好。你知道写好一篇英语作文有哪些方法吗?下面的内容是小编为大家整理的教你写作文: 高中英语文章精选一篇,真心希望能够帮助到大家。

August 31,20xx,FridayFineThis was the first day of the new term.On the way to the school,beautiful scenery went in my sight.Both sides of the road stood plenty of trees,green and tall.The flowers were blooming in the sunshine.When raising my head,I got a view of many lovely birds flying freely in the blue sky.How I wished l were a bird,which could go wherever it wanted Impossible as it was,Istill felt very happy,for I was a person who had the ability to imagine and study hard forl the future.Meanwhile,I will also tace many difficulties in the future.Maybe I will have problems in learning or bearing some pressure in life,However,l will get stronger and stronger.I will try my best to realize my dream,too.

教你写作文: 代写高中英语文章

作为一名学生,懂得写好英语作文是非常重要的,我们的身边其实有很多优质的英语作文可供学习和欣赏,写作文可以把自己的思想和想说的话用文字表达出来。一篇好作文起码要做好和读者共情,一篇优秀的英语作文是怎么样的呢?知您所想,下面是小编为大家悉心准备的“教你写作文: 代写高中英语文章”,供大家参考,希望能帮助到有需要的朋友。

There is a moat in my hometown, and the water of the moat is crystal clear, and the fish swim freely in the water.

One evening, my mother and I went for a walk along the moat, and we were amazed by the moat.

The moat is a litter of white plastic bags, fruit and leftover containers that attract many mice and flies. The most disgusting of all is the dead rat in the garbage dump, the smell of the air from time to time, people who pass by cant breathe, cover their nose, and run far away. There was a lot of garbage on the river, and the water was black and smelly like a piece of black rice cake that had fallen in the garbage. The trees on both sides of the strait had fallen long ago, and many of the bark of the trees had been crumbling away prematurely, like sick old people, dry and weak.

Where was the old moat? Questions kept coming from my heart. Just then, an uncle and his uncle took a bag of rubbish and threw it into the river. I suddenly realized that all this was caused by people throwing litter. I really want to say to people, dont litter!

The moat is now under renovation, but there are more and more garbage on the road. I hope the moat will recover!

Article 2: protecting the environment (391 words)

My hometown is a rich and lush place -- shandong.

I often and her neighbors little brother to play in the creek, on one occasion, I rode my bicycle with my little brother to play in the stream, the water on the bottom, flowers and plants is also long very abundance, shell was superb in the streams, there are yellow, with green, with yellow, how also countless count, my little brother and I often in a water fight here.

But, when I was six years old, I once again, on a bicycle with my little brother to play in the stream, I saw the hometown great changes have taken place in the stream, streams of water have become dark and smelly; The shells cannot be seen; The little fish were all dead, floating on the water. Some of the rubbish was floating on the water. My little brother and I were shocked when we saw the scene.

I decided in the spring of each year, I am back home my father and mother kind of some trees, and the hometown of the children launched raise a potted flower, plant a tree, cherish every piece of grass, dont litter and make our mom and dad put convenience bag, took the vegetable basket initiative.

Although, we are doing is just some trivial things, but I believe that as long as we all have the responsibility of protecting the environment, then we will see a clean and beautiful world!












热搜作文: 初一的英语文章之一

学生时代的我们经常会写英语作文,随着网络的发达,优秀英语作文随处可见,作文,是我们内心情感通过文字的一种方式。一篇好作文是很会拉近作者和读者的距离,那么英语作文应该如何书写你知道吗?为了您的需要,下面小编为大家整理的《热搜作文: 初一的英语文章之一》,大家不妨来参考。希望您能喜欢!










【写作收藏】 初一英语文章470字

写好英语作文是每个高年级学生都必备的技能。因为信息的快速发展其实我们可以看到更多的优质英语作文,作文的内容,来源于我们对生活的观察。为了写好作文我们不妨多看看别人的佳作,哪些优秀英语作文可以作为写作的参考呢?以下是小编收集整理的“【写作收藏】 初一英语文章470字”,希望对您有帮助。









【作文参考】 初一暑假英语文章(篇四)

写好英语作文对于学生来说是非常重要技能。一些优质的英语作文书可以为我们写作时提供很多的素材和灵感,作文,是我们内心情感通过文字的一种方式。所以说,写作文是需要一朝一夕慢慢累积的。那么有哪些优秀的英语作文是能给我们参考的呢?供您所需,小编为大家收集了“【作文参考】 初一暑假英语文章(篇四)”,希望对您有所启发。

I had a good time in this holiday.I went to beach with my family.The weather was sunny there.

I swam in the sea and lay on the beach and enjoyed the sun.I also took lots of photos.Then I wrote some postcards to my friends and ate some good food.

oh,this is a happy holiday!