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作文范本: 高中英语文章感谢信


相信身为学生,对于英语作文是非常熟悉的吧,因为信息的快速发展其实我们可以看到更多的优质英语作文,坚持写作文可以培养我们的字和内心情感,一篇优秀的作文其感情表达会很细腻和委婉,那么有哪些优秀的英语作文是能给我们参考的呢?应您所求,为此小编用心整理了“作文范本: 高中英语文章感谢信”,欢迎大家阅读并分享。


Dear Interviewer,

It was great meeting you today, and I appreciate you taking the time to interview me. Im excited to be considered for the (name the position) as well as all of the opportunities the company presents. I had a good time discussing my passion of (insert what youre passionate about) and really enjoyed learning more about (insert what new tidbityou learned about the company).

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to following up with you.

Best regards,



Dear Cathy,zUOwEN101.cOm

I am writing to express our heartfelt thanks for taking good care of smart while we were on holiday. He was such a happy dog when we got home; we knew he must have had lots of loving attention. When we used to pick up from the kennel he would whimper and carry on for hours.

You not only saved us some money, you also spared us the worry of how he was doing while we were away. Your kind help is very much appreciated, not only by smart, but also by our whole family as well.

Yours truly,



Dear ______ ,

①I am writing to extend my sincere gratitude for ______(感谢的原因). ②If it had not been for your assistance in ______(对方给予的具体帮助), I fear that I would have been ______(没有对方帮助时的后果).

③Every one agrees that it was you who ______(给出细节).

④Again, I would like to express my warm thanks to you! Please accept my gratitude.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming


[作文借鉴] 高中英语文章范本

作为一名学生,写好英语作文是非常必要的,我们在写英语作文的时候可以学习一些优质英语作文的写作手法,写作文能使我们的英语水平快速提高,好的作文能够体现作者的中心思想,我们可以看哪些比较优秀的英语作文呢?下面是小编为您精选的“[作文借鉴] 高中英语文章范本”,敬请阅读,希望对您有所帮助。

What is healthy diet? To the most people, healthy diet means more greenfoods, no junk foods. The green food is those pollution-free, high quality andnutrient food, including the organic vegetables and meats, fruits, eggs and soon.

The meals of healthy diet should be cooked with fewer salt and oil. And thejunk food is those low nutrition, high calorie, processed food with much salt oroil, such as the fries, fried chickens, salted eggs and so on. These foods willcause one get weight and increase the risk of many diseases.

We should keep ahealthy diet, abandon the junk food to keep ourselves healthy.




Dear Sirs,

In reply to your advertisement in on Qinnan Daily of May 6, I respectfully offer my services for the position of secretary.

I am twenty years old and going to graduate from vocational school. I am a business management major. Besides, Ive learned English for more than eight years and I am familiar with computer operation. In the last three years, Ive been one of the editors of our student newspaper, which makes me experienced in writing and editing. I do well in my study and my scores are outstanding in my class. From above-mention, I am sure that I will be qualified for secretary.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to further discuss my qualifications and your needs. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Zhang Hong







Dear Sir or Madam,

I am senior from the Department of Business Administration of Beijing University. I am writing the letter in purpose of applying for admission into your esteemed institution/your recently advertised position for a staff member.

I am sure that I am qualified for it. First, enclosed with this letter is my resume, which further details my previous academic qualifications and work experience. Second, not only do my qualifications and experience make me a perfect candidate for it, my cheerful personality is well suited to studying in your prestigious university/working as a staff member. Last, my hobbies include sports and music.

Words fail me when I try to express my heartfelt gratitude to the help you rendered me. Your prompt and favorable attention to my inquiry would be highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming








Dear Sir or Madam,

I have learned from an advertisement that your company is in need of a secretary. I would like you to consider me for the position. My name is Li Min. I am twenty-three years old. I am studying business management in Xiamen University. I will graduate this summer. I am familiar with computer operation and officesoftwares, which can help me do the office work very well. And I have learned English for ten years.In the past two years, I have been an editor for the English Paper of my department. My grades come out top in my department. Whats more, I like office work very much and I also think that I can be competent for the job.If I could have the opportunity to get the job I will be quite appreciative.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Li Min







作文阅读: 给朋友的信高中英语文章其七

写好英语作文对于学生来说是非常重要技能。我们会在许多作文书上看到各种各样的优秀英语作文,作文,可以表达自己内心看待某事物的想法和感情。一篇优秀的作文其感情表达会很细腻和委婉,有没有比较好的英语作文给我们参考呢?急您所急,小编为朋友们了收集和编辑了“作文阅读: 给朋友的信高中英语文章其七”,希望能为您提供一些灵感。


Dear Zhang Wei,

Im glad to know that you are coming to my city during the summer vacation.

However, Im afraid theres some bad news. Im planning to take part in an international conference to be held in another city during the time of your visit.

All the top scientists in my field will show up at the conference. More importantly, Im lucky enough to have been selected to give a speech on behalf of my research team at the Conference. I really cant miss it.

I understand that itll be your first time to this city and Im your only friend here. Ive asked my roommate to meet you at the airport, and you can stay in my room.

He is a very nice person and he will show you around the city. Hope you two will get on well and have a nice holiday!


Li Ming


Dear Robert,


Im glad to receive your letter. Now I will tell you something about my plan for summer vacation after the final exam. Firstly, I will learn to drive. I think driving can be useful. Secondly, I will take some English courses. Thirdly, I will visit some tourist attractions. It must be very exciting. Last, I will do some reading in the vacation. What about you? I hope you can have a pretty vacation.





Dear Friend,


How have you been recently? I miss you very much. Do you still remember me?


To be honest, Im honored to make friends with you. I still remember the days when we were together. As far as I know, you are the kindest person in the world. Once we were together, you always treated me as if I were your dear brother, so I was grateful to you in my heart. After you leaving, I always thought of you. Next time we have a chance to see each other, I will say thank you to you. Thank you for your kindness. Now I have got the meaning of my life.


Although we are in two different places now, we are still together, because we are always heart to heart. I believe we can see each other again. Since we are always close friends as well as dear brothers. Because of you, my life is always so significant. Wherever I am, I will pray good luck for you.

虽然现在我们在两个不同的地方,但我们依然在一起,因为我们总是心连心。我相信我们还能再次见面。 因为我们是亲密的朋友,亲爱的兄弟。因为你,我的人生总是那么的有意义。无论我在哪里,我都会为你祈祷好运。

Last but not the least, I hope you can make it and have a bright future.


Sincerely yours,



作文收藏: 高中英语文章篇一

写英语作文是初高中学生必备的一项基础能力。其实多看、多学习一些优秀的英语作文,是对写作有好处的,作文,可以发挥学生的想象力,丰富情感。想要把作文写好,是需要花费一些心思和时间的。那么关于英语作文应该怎么进行写作呢?知您所需,以下是小编整理的“作文收藏: 高中英语文章篇一”,供大家参考,希望能为大家提供些许帮助。

I was born on March 18. My family is nithr vry rich nor vry poor. My parnts ar pasants. Thy work hard to support th family. Thy ncourag m to study wll. My childhood was happy. I lik larning. I lik music and sports, too. I can run vry fast and am th fastst runnr in my class. I am good at nglish, Physics and Math. I want to b a scintist. Scintists hav mad rcordrs, TV sts, and so on. Thy hav also invntd th computr. All ths mak our lif rich, intrsting and asy.