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月度作文精选 团队合作的高中英语作文


相信大家都写过英语作文吧,我们在写英语作文的时候可以学习一些优质英语作文的写作手法,作文的内容,来源于我们对生活的观察。一篇好作文是很会拉近作者和读者的距离,那么有哪些优秀的英语作文是能给我们参考的呢?以下是小编为大家收集整理的“月度作文精选 团队合作的高中英语作文”,仅供参考,希望能帮助到有需要的朋友。


Some people like to work alone while others enjoy teamwork. In my opinion, everyone had better learn to work with others together because teamwork is definitely necessary and important in modern society.

First, working in a team provides a chance for us to communicate with each other. Just as the saying goes, many hands make light job. Working in a team, teammates share their ideas with each other, which is helpful to create a better achievement. Second, working in a team is a way to broaden our horizon. Teammates in a team can learn something from each other because they are from different places, owning various experiences and hold different views towards things. Therefore, getting along with other teammates is also a process of increasing our knowledge. Finally, working in a team is also a way to establish our friendship. Teammates in a team have chances to help each other, to solve the problems together, to share the happiness of being successful, which make a great contribution to establishing friendship. Thus, working in a team is one of the most effective ways to extend our personal relationships.

To sum up, to learn to work in a team is really necessary and important and we should try to enjoy it.





Team work is very important in our work.It is quite often that one is not able to carry out a job by itself.He needs more people to comlete it together.We can say some importance jobs could not be done without teamwork.For example,in a football match,very memember plays a different role which is important,all memembers must cooperate with each other to fight against the opponent team.They can only win the match when they do good teamwork,or they will be defeated.

China has an old saying,Unity is strength,which means the importance of teamwork.




as teamwork is increasingly important in modern society,everyone should train his ability to cooperate with others.


todays society is no longer a self-sufficient one,but one in which all the people depend on each other for existence.only for existence,not to mention the pursuit and obtainment of happiness,one cant do without the ability to work harmoniously with others.in the highly developed society today,one can almost accomplish nothing without joint efforts.every loaf of bread,every article of clothes,every house or apartment,every means of transportation is the product of cooperative efforts.we play with other children in kindergartens;we study with our classmates at schools;and we will work with our fellow workers or colleagues in factories or companies. what we have got through teamwork is not only self-improvement,personal success but also the satisfaction at both our devotion to common causes and the sense of collective honor.


to meet the needs of both personal improvement and the sophisticated society,we should learn to cooperate with each other and adjust to each other.only in this way can we achieve successes and satisfy ourselves as well as the society.



月度写作精选 高中英语作文如何写

写英语作文是初高中学生必备的一项基础能力。我们的身边其实有很多优质的英语作文可供学习和欣赏,作文,通常考察学生们的日常事物和文学的积累程度。一篇好作文可以引起大家的共鸣,那么我们应该如何来写英语作文呢?下面是小编用心收集整理,为您带来的《月度写作精选 高中英语作文如何写》,欢迎阅读,希望可以帮助到有需要的朋友们。

Dear Allen,

How is everything going? Our school will hold a music festival next Sundaymorning in the school hall. And I’m writing to invite you to join us.

The opening ceremony will start at 9:00 am, and the schoolmaster willdeliver a speech. Then there will be various fantastic performances played bytalented students. You are definitely welcome to show up on stage, which willadd color and fun to our festival.

Looking forward to your early reply.

Best wishes,

Li Hua



Dear John Smith,

My name is Li Ming, a college student majoring in medical science. I have learnt that

Dogs Trust is looking for several volunteers. So I’m writing to apply for this job.

As far as I am concerned, I am qualified to do the job. First and foremost, I think dogsare friendlier than other animals and I am willing to get along with them. Besides, I have acquired a lot of skills at how to look after dogs well, because I once did a part-time job at a pet store. What’s more, it’s a great experience of spending my holiday in doing something meaningful.

Is there any possibility that you can give me an opportunity?

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

推荐作文: 高中英语作文

写好英语作文是每个高年级学生都必备的一种基本能力。我们经常在各大信息渠道都能看好优秀的英语作文,作文,可以发挥学生的想象力,丰富情感。其实,作文让人读起来有一种很舒服的感觉就行了。哪些优质英语作文值得我们去学习和借鉴呢?以下是小编为大家精心整理的“推荐作文: 高中英语作文”,希望您能够喜欢并分享!

On April 28th, my classmates and I went to the park near my school where we took part in a volunteer labor.

We got there at nine oclock. After divided into three groups, we began to work.

Each group had their own tasks. Group one planted trees and watered flowers. Group Two picked up litter left by tourists and cleaned the benches. My group wiped all the equipment in Childrens Playground. Each of us worked hard.

At about half past eleven, we finished working. Though we were tired,we were happy. It was a meaningful day for us because we had done a good deed.

Last Saturday--April 28th, my classmates and I went to the park near my school. Can you guess what we did there?Not for amusement but to take part in a volunteer labour.

We reached the park at nine oclock. The whole class was divided into three groups. I was in Group Three.

Each group had different tasks. Group One planted trees and watered flowers. Group Two was told to pick up litter left by the tourists and cleaned all the benches. The group that I was in wiped all the equipment in the Childrens Playground. All of us worked hard.

Before noon we finished working. Each of us felt a little bit tired, but we were happy because we had done a good deed。

精选作文: 介绍自我的高中英语作文篇一

身为学生,写一篇英语作文是很常见的,我们在写英语作文的时候可以学习一些优质英语作文的写作手法,写作文能使我们的英语水平快速提高,一篇好作文可以引起大家的共鸣,有没有比较好的英语作文给我们参考呢?知您所需,一起来看看小编为大家整理的“精选作文: 介绍自我的高中英语作文篇一”,供您参考,希望能够帮助到大家。


i am linjiang. i was born in jilin changchun. i graduate from henan university of urban construction. i started learning english since i was 15 years old.my father is a farmer . and my mother is a housewife. i am the youngest one in my family. my brother have a lot of american friends. thats why i have no problem communicating with americans or others by speaking english.

in my spare time, i like to do anything relating to english such as listening to english songs, watching english movies or tv programs, or even attending the activities held by some english clubs or institutes. i used to go university for a short- term english study. during that time, i learned a lot of daily life english and saw a lot of different things.

i think language is very interesting. i could express one substanceby using different sounds. so i wish i could study and read more english enlarge my knowledge.





my name is . there are 4 people in my family. my father is a chemistryteacher. he teaches chemistry in senior high school. my mother is an english teacher. she teaches english in the university. i have a younger brother, he is a junior high school student and is preparing for the entrance exam.

i like to read english story books in my free time. sometimes i surf the internet and download the e- books to read. reading e- books is fun. in addition, it also enlarges my vocabulary words because of the advanced technology and the vivid animations.

i hope to study both english and computer technology because i am interested in both of the subjects. maybe one day i could combine both of them and apply to my research in the future.





Teachers,good afternoon. Allow me to briefly talk about myself.


My name is - Xianning graduated from the south gate of the private secondary schools. Tourism now studying at the school in Hubei Province. Studying hotel management professional.


I was a character,cheerful girl,so my hobbies is extensive. Sporty. In my spare time likes playing basketball, table tennis,volleyball,skating. When a person like the Internet at home,or a personal stereo. Not like too long immersed in the world of books,and family members have told me,Laoyijiege is the best. Talking about my family,then I will talk about my family has. Only three people my family,my grandmother,grandfather and my own. My grandfather is a engineer,I am very severely on peacetime,the Church me a lot. Grandma is a very kindly for the elderly,care for my life in every possible way. Therefore,I have no parents in their care,childhood and growth were full of joy.


I like this hotel management professional,because I like to live in a strict order of the management environment. I have my professional self-confidence and hope,as long as the efforts will be fruitful,this is my motto. Since I chose this profession,I will follow this path,effort,perseverance path.


Thank you teachers. I finished presentation.