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热门作文: 初中英语文章范例


写好英语作文是每个高年级学生都必备的一种基本能力。我们会在许多作文书上看到各种各样的优秀英语作文,写作文能让我们更好的理解语法语句的使用,一篇好作文可以引起大家的共鸣,有没有可以参考的英语作文的模板呢?知您所需,小编帮大家编辑的《热门作文: 初中英语文章范例》,大家不妨来参考。希望您能喜欢!

One of the premier medical scientists in the 21st century is Zhong Nanshan.Born in 1941 and graduated from Beijing Medical College, this ordinary but greatman has been working in the medical field for over 40 years. He is a good doctorin the patients' eyes and a kind medical professor in his students as well.

In the spring of 2003, the SARS epidemic broke out in China and across theglobe. Zhong Nanshan not only led but also took an active part in the battleagainst SARS. At that time no one really knew much about SARS and most peoplehad no natural defenses against the disease. Dangerous as it was, Zhong Nanshanworked hard day and night treating SARS patients. Meanwhile he underlined thefact that teamwork among nations could save lives. Through their hard work forseveral months, Zhong Nanshan and his workmates achieved remarkable result. Soonthe SARS epidemic was stopped in its track.wWW.zUOWEN101.COM


[作文分享] 初中英语作文(篇一)

相信身为学生,对于英语作文是非常熟悉的吧,一些优质的英语作文书可以为我们写作时提供很多的素材和灵感,作文,通常考察学生们的日常事物和文学的积累程度。一篇优秀的作文其感情表达会很细腻和委婉,那么关于英语作文应该怎么进行写作呢?急您所急,下面是小编为大家悉心准备的“[作文分享] 初中英语作文(篇一)”,欢迎您阅读和收藏,并分享给有需要的朋友!

I like to make friends and I have a lot of friends. We always play togetherand we make up the small group, so even though my parents are very busy, I amnot feeling lonely.

Besides my parents, friendship is the most precious thingfor me. When I have annoyance, my friends will come to comfort me, we talk a lotand they always find a way to make me forget my sadness.

I am so lucky to havethose friends. We treat each other as brothers and sisters. No matter how faraway I am, I will cherish our friendship. Time will not apart us if we keep intouch.

月度作文精选 初中英语作文精选一篇

英语作文相信大家都写过吧,我们在写英语作文的时候可以学习一些优质英语作文的写作手法,写作文就是需要真情实感的表达内心的想法。想要把作文写好,是需要花费一些心思和时间的。你是否正在为英语作文的写作感到苦恼呢?小编特意给大家整理了“月度作文精选 初中英语作文精选一篇”,希望能为您提供一些灵感。

Health is very important for everyone. So people want to have a healthylife.

In fact everyone can have a healthy life. Such as: I usually eat fruitvegetables eggs and rice. I hardly eat burgers. I think we could eat meat andice-cream amount. Water and milk are good for your health. It’s important toplay basketball run and have enough sleep. We couldn’t spend a long time forwatching TV and playing computer. It’s bad for our eyes.

We should keep happy confident helpful and friendly. I don’t think nervousand angry are good for our health.

[作文借鉴] 高中英语文章范本

作为一名学生,写好英语作文是非常必要的,我们在写英语作文的时候可以学习一些优质英语作文的写作手法,写作文能使我们的英语水平快速提高,好的作文能够体现作者的中心思想,我们可以看哪些比较优秀的英语作文呢?下面是小编为您精选的“[作文借鉴] 高中英语文章范本”,敬请阅读,希望对您有所帮助。

What is healthy diet? To the most people, healthy diet means more greenfoods, no junk foods. The green food is those pollution-free, high quality andnutrient food, including the organic vegetables and meats, fruits, eggs and soon.

The meals of healthy diet should be cooked with fewer salt and oil. And thejunk food is those low nutrition, high calorie, processed food with much salt oroil, such as the fries, fried chickens, salted eggs and so on. These foods willcause one get weight and increase the risk of many diseases.

We should keep ahealthy diet, abandon the junk food to keep ourselves healthy.

热门作文: 初中生英语作文范例

写好英语作文是每个高年级学生都必备的技能。网上其实有很多可以借鉴和学习的优质英语作文,作文,通常考察学生们的日常事物和文学的积累程度。一篇好作文起码要做好和读者共情,你知道写好一篇英语作文需要注意些什么问题吗?知您所想,以下是小编整理的“热门作文: 初中生英语作文范例”,希望对您有所启发。

People always say that we are lacking of the eyes of realizing the beauty in life. I can’t agree with it anymore. Last week, I woke up very early in the morning, so I decided to take a walk. The street was very quiet and there were many old people dancing in the square. Without many cars, I realized the city looked so clean and beautiful. Some coffee shops decorates so well, which attrated my eyes. The city was coverd by the green trees, which made it a green city. I liked this feeling so much. At this moment, I found the city was so lovely, I just ingored its beauty usually.


热门作文: 大学英语文章精选

掌握英语写作技巧是每个高年级孩子都需要具备的技能。我们经常会在一些英语作文书中阅读到优秀的英语作文,作文,可以描写身边的细微事物,也可以大胆想象。一篇好作文起码要做好和读者共情,英语作文怎么写才能让人眼前一亮呢?供您所需,小编帮大家编辑的《热门作文: 大学英语文章精选》,欢迎大家收藏与参考,希望对您有所帮助。

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Is Face to Face Communication Better than Other Types of Communication? You should write at least 120 words, and base your composition on the outline below:




本题属于提纲式文字命题。提纲第1点要 求阐述一种观点,提纲第2点要求论证这个观点,由此可判断本文应为观点论证型作文。

根据所给提纲,本文应包含以下内容:关于面对面交流是否优于如写信和打电话等其他交流方式给出你的 观点;通过举例论证此观点;重申观点,总结全文。 Is Face to Face Communication Better than Other Types of Communication?

Nowadays, with the development of technology, many modern forms of communication, such as phone calls and email, have stepped into our life. Facing with these, the traditional way of communication face-to-face communication, seems to be left behind the times. But in fact, this is not actually true. For me, noting can parallel with face-to-face communication. The following reasons can account for my opinion.

For one thing, face-to-face communication allows us to make an interactive conversation. For example, we can clear away the misunderstanding in time. Because a persons tone of voice or facial expression often reflects his mood, while in other kinds of communication its hard for us to perceive the subtle changes of ones emotion. For another, face-to-face communication can deepen the interpersonal relationship. For instance, trust and respect between businesses partners can be established even with a firm handshake.

实用作文: 考研英语文章写作范例

学生时代的我们经常会写英语作文,随着网络的发达,优秀英语作文随处可见,写作文就是需要真情实感的表达内心的想法。写好作文的前提就是要多观察、多动手写。有没有比较好的英语作文给我们参考呢?以下是小编为大家收集的“实用作文: 考研英语文章写作范例”仅供参考,大家一起来看看吧。

20xx考研初试将至,英语作文也是考生最后冲刺复习的重点之一。那么,考研英语作文都是怎么评分的呢,啥样的作文值多少分呢?下面为大家介绍6种不同分值的“样板作文”,以供大家参考。 20分样板作文——“…… 20xx考研初试将至,英语作文也是考生最后冲刺复习的重点之一。那么,考研英语作文都是怎么评分的呢,啥样的作文值多少分呢?下面为大家介绍6种不同分值的“样板作文”,以供大家参考。



12分样板作文——“内容切题,包括提纲的全部要点,表达基本清楚,但结构和用词错误较多,有少数是严重错误,文章的长度符合要求”。这里的“严重错误”一般指的是搭配关系出错,比如“start on”被错写成“start with”。